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fiction_stampDhruti had some time at hand as her daughter had gone to a neighbour’s place for a birthday party.  She just relaxed and was flipping through the “Good Housekeeping” when the bell rang. She looked at Harsh in a hope that he would open it but he looked more intently in his newspaper as if he was doing PhD in journalism!!

She got up and opened the door and saw her daughter’s best friend standing there.

Bittoo: Aunty, is Krina home?

She: Arey, she has gone to Seema’s birthday party. Why aren’t you there? She called you too, isn’t it?

He: The party got over long back and Krina isn’t there.

Dhruti’s heart skipped a beat. Overhearing the conversation Harsh leaped on his feet and was besides her in a fraction of second. Their eyes met and they could see the dread in each other’s eyes.

In a few seconds thousands thoughts ran through their minds.

Where has she gone? She never goes anywhere with out telling us!

Somebody might have kidnapped her! Will she be forced to beg?

She is just of 5 odd years! There are vultures out there.

And many more horrid thoughts passed through their worried minds.

In those few seconds, they imagined the worst.

They ran in the street bare feet shouting out their daughter’s name. And then they heard her.


A joyous call to tell them she was with her friend in one of the neighbours’ place.

The look Krina saw on her parents’ faces made her feel uneasy. Dhruti almost slapped her in frustration and pulled her towards her. Hugged her so tightly that Krina almost couldn’t breath. Harsh’s eyes were glisteneing with unshed tears.

Again a look passed between them. As if asking each other, “Aren’t we getting paranoid?”

Were they really paranoid or is it a need of the day to be extremely vigilant and in turn suffocate a childhood!!!!!

All the friends were meeting at a common joint with the family as they regularly did. As Ajay entered the room he heard Sarita’s laughter echoing in the hall. A wistful expression came over his face as he looked at Maya and silently compared their marriage to Akash and Sarita’s. Ajay noticed that this is the only place where Maya actually smiles… every time… without fail!


Akash saw the wistful expression and decided to talk to Ajay when the time is right.


And the right time came when other friends had not come for the swim. Today only Akash and Ajay had turned up for the “Bajarang Meet” (They called their swim routine a “Bajarang Meet” since they met without their spouses!!) Akash grabbed the opportunity to talk heart-to-heart with his best friend.


“What’s going on between you and Maya?”




“I have noticed, since a couple of months you guys have drifted a lot! Is my observation wrong?”


Ajay was taken aback a bit. He didn’t realize that it was obvious to others too!!


“Are you having affair or something?” Akash probed further. Or he feared worst, whether Maya was having an affair!! He couldn’t bring himself to ask that.


“No, no… Nothing of the sort. It just that…err… these days Maya…  Dekh yaar tu kisi se discuss to nahi karega na?”


Akash gave a hurt look and Ajay knew it was wrong to ask such things to his best friend. But this time the matter was his and Maya’s and somehow he felt guilty to discuss their personal matter, however trivial, with anybody else… even his best friend. But he needed to talk to somebody.


Yaar, these days Maya has gone really cold. I mean the warmth in here voice is missing. She doesn’t smile the way she used to. I saw her real smile after a long time when we had met you guys at party.


She does everything that she used to but some how I feel that her heart is not there.


Even at night… errr….you know what I mean. She has just shut herself. And I tried to think what have I done that might have offended her but couldn’t really think of anything!


“Hmmmm….. Have you tried talking to her? What does she say?


Kahaan yaar, I tried once but she said its nothing and then you know my schedule… Where do I really get time?”


“If you don’t get time, how do you manage to come here everyday? Akash’s voice rose a bit. But he checked himself in time. Though he knew his friend really well and also knew Maya.


Maya was a sensitive woman and needed love and care and that’s all she really needed. She had married Ajay when he was a “nobody”. She had stayed with him when nobody believed in him. She had stayed and cooked for him on a kerosene stove when they couldn’t afford a LPG cylinder. She had been with him through thick and thin.


He also remembered that Ajay used to run and hug his newly wedded wife at every opportunity. He used to share every single detail of his life with Maya. 


So went wrong?


As their conversation continued Akash realized that Ajay was getting too busy with life and was not able to give enough attention and time to his wife. Maya on other hand, being at home and looking after the family was feeling isolated. She had withered with time. She needed nurturing and only Ajay can do it.


Ajay listened to Akash’s reasoning and vowed to woo back his wife. He was missing her way too much.


Only time will tell whether he will be able to do it!

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