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Open letter to my teenage daughter

Posted on: April 16, 2015

My dearest Cookie,

You entered your teen age just recently and you were so very excited about it. Looking at you, so happy and chirpy, swelled my heart. I loved you even more (if that is even possible!) when you refused to have a birthday bash for yourself because you had demanded a costly gift. It was amazing to see that dimply smile on your face when your friends unexpectedly came to wish you. All you girls looked so cute and happy. Touch wood! (No, I don’t really believe in this phrase, but it won’t hurt either ;))

Though I am writing this letter now, I might not give it to you till you turn 15 at least. In here, I have tried to capture a few thoughts that I have had since you were born and these are getting stronger as you are turning into a fine young lady.

Now that you are growing up it is not going to be possible for me or daddy to protect you all the time or keep you from the harm’s way. No longer will it be possible for us to filter out the news for you or give you only positive or scientific news to read from the newspapers. Days are not very far when you will want to go out alone with your friends and we will be fretting at home till you return safely. You might want to go on your first date real soon. Things are going to be tough with all the physical and emotional changes that you are going to experience and we realize that you are no longer our little girl.

With increasing intolerance towards women in our country, we will be worried about your safety, not just physically but emotionally too. You will have your share of hurts and heartaches, and I am not talking about just the romantic ones. People will be mean when you least expect them to be. You will hear adverse comments on your gender or caste or religion or bodyweight. You will soon find out how dirty it feels to be touched inappropriately when you travel in that crowded public transport or how uncomfortable you will be made to feel by some lecherous eyes even when you are fully dressed. These thoughts are painful to me, to say the least, but you will have to go through these experiences nonetheless. Consider these as a part of your growing up process.

With all these adversities of growing up in a regressive society that we live in today and with reducing morals, I know it is going to be tough to keep up your morale, but trust me you will be fine. Don’t confuse between being carefree and careless. Do not misunderstand the word “freedom”. Do not do things you are not comfortable doing just to fit in the group. Do not suffer bullying. Don’t give up on your values and never take abuses lying down. Do not get into the fight of gender-equality or superiority as it will never serve any purpose and you will waste your life proving something that is immaterial in the larger schemes of life. Trust yourself. Fight for your rights and be just to others. Learn to forgive and let go.

I want you to know that you are special. And you will meet more good people in life than bad. A loving family, a few best friends and that special person who will always love you for what you are, will make your life complete. You will be valued for your beautiful heart and not just for the looks you carry. You will be treasured for your hard work and fairness to achieve what you desire and not for the fairness (or the lack of it) of your skin. You will be respected for balancing your personal and professional life and not for sacrificing things that you value the most to fan someone’s ego. You will be appreciated for the charities you do and what you give back to the society as your social responsibility and not because of your body size. You will be cherished, the way I have been, for being you.

Be kind, Be generous and Be happy!

God Bless You…

Lots of love,



9 Responses to "Open letter to my teenage daughter"

This ia so cute. While reading I could imagine the expressions on your face…with a little smile and sparkling eyes for the gift given to you by God. God bless her! !!!. Wishing for your everlasting bonding……..😚

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Very well written and i can feel that its not just the words, its your heart that you culminated as words. I hope she will make you proud one day. God bless her.

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As beautiful as sunrise, as real as the scorching heat of noon and as gentle and heartwarming as setting sun. Amazing, amazing….
Wish her a very Happy Birthday. Happy birthday to you too for being born now as proud mother of a teenager girl.

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So well written .. Ishu is lucky to have a mum like you !!

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Congratulations! Your blog post was selected for Best Tangy Tuesday Picks of 2015 edition on Dec 29, 2015 at BlogAdda.

Please find it here:

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Thank you so very much 🙂


I’m surely giving this to read to my daughter who is 11.. Nd supposed to enter in her teens… Soon.
Thnk u so much fr d wonderful write up.

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Very well written.. N beautiful words…I can imagine each n every words…as iam also going through this as my daughter also step into teenage this year…your each word speaks for all mothers ,hugs to you n your daughter.. God bless her.

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