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Just once…

Posted on: February 2, 2010

The mobile rang third time. Ashu looked at the number and sighed heavily. He dreaded talking to his elder brother. He had shifted to this country just to be away from him but he knew he couldn’t ignore his phones. He adored Ashu like his own son.

“Hello bhaiya….”

“Hello Ashu, how are you? I just called to confirm your visit for the wedding! I am not going to hear any excuse this time.”

“But bhaiya…” Ashu trailed off. He wasn’t sure what reason to give for not attending his only niece’s wedding. It was more than twenty years since he had gone home.

“Nothing doing! As I said, no excuses this time. We have never discussed but I know that there is something on your mind which kept you away from home for so long. Not anymore! Past is past. You come home and bless your niece.”

Past is past… what did he mean by that? Did bhaiya know? How am I going to face him?, thought Ashu nervously.

Ashu sighed and disconnected the call.

He went back to the day when he had seen her the first time. Oh, how beautiful and serene she looked! Her long dark hair, bright shining eyes and shy smile… everything was bewitching. He understood the meaning of “love at first sight” for the first time. He kept on staring at her and was flustered when he was shaken out of his reverie. Bhaiya was asking him something but all he could do was, give him a silly grin. He was almost dragged out of the room before he made a spectacle of himself.

Once in the car, on the way back home, bhaiya asked in conspiratorial whisper, “Did you like her?” That single question brought him back to reality from his dream world. He had forgotten that they had gone to see the girl for bhaiya not him. Bhaiya seemed to like her too. It seemed to him that his world was crashing down around him. His disappointment felt unnaturally over-blown to even him. He shook his head as if trying to clear his thoughts and tried to enthuse himself for bhaiya’s sake. How he wished then, that bhaiya would not like her!

As he got to know her more, he started liking her even more for she was not just a beautiful face but was affectionate, intelligent and had an uncanny sense of humour. She was everything a man would want in a partner, and some more. In his heart he knew that bhaiya and she made a perfect couple, perfect in every sense and yet he couldn’t bring himself to see her as sister-in-law.

On the day of their wedding she looked like some goddess. He just couldn’t take his eyes off her. He wasn’t even worried that someone from the family or the guests might notice his blatant stare.

Post wedding days were increasingly getting difficult. Oddly, he never felt jealous of bhaiya but at the same time he craved for more time with her. He learnt to handle his love for her, he kept it brimming at the edge but he took care not to overflow it.

Time flew by with things falling into place. Their routine got set with all three of them going to their work almost at the same time and since her office was on his route he would drop her on most days. She would chatter away to glory and he would smile and nod as and when required.

He thought he had outgrown the romantic love for her till one day he saw her standing in the balcony trying to dry her freshly washed hair. “Sultry”, was the only word came to his mind. And he sighed. He did not know what got into him. Something was pulling him to her. He wanted to have her in his arms, wanted to kiss her senseless, wanted to hug her so tight that she would beg to take her completely. He advanced towards her without even realizing what he was doing. As he went near her he could breathe in her lovely scent. He caressed her hair. She got startled and faced him with her usual smile. But one look at his lust filled eyes ignited fire in hers. Her smile was inviting… but before he could advance she slapped him, hard. Not the force of her slap but the burning coal in her eyes shamed him. He turned around and left.

That was the last day they interacted. She never talked to him again. He wanted to apologize, wanted to be forgiven. He wanted her to know that he never had any intention of harming her in any way. What happened on that fateful morning was a moment of weakness. But she never gave him any chance. She never, probably, told anything to bhaiya but Ashu could never see in his eyes again.

He knew he could not stay with them any longer; he did not have the guts to face her everyday. He did not want to face her ever; and so he not only left the house and the city, he left the country and had not gone back since. It was more than twenty years since he last saw her. If only she would once say that she forgave him, just once…


Hey guys, I just had to post a story. I couldn’t keep away from you people for long however busy life may be. I don’t promise to be very regular but will definitely write as much as possible. Missed you tremendously!!



42 Responses to "Just once…"

Firstly, Welcome back !!! 🙂 And great story!!! 🙂

It’s best not to give in to a temptation than fight your conscience later.. Now he has to forgive himself plus ask for forgiveness from his sister-in-law too!

I think he should have mentioned his feelings to his brother when they went to see her for the first time (before he could get married).

Anyway now that you’re out of hibernation, hope to read more such stories from you often!! 🙂


Thanks Anu! 🙂 🙂

I don’t know how regular can i be, but one thing i have realised is that i miss blogsphere so better i don’t say goodbye but rather write whenever i feel like!! 🙂 🙂


Thanks Anu! 🙂 🙂

I don’t know how regular can i be, but one thing i have realised is that i miss blogsphere so better i don’t say goodbye but rather write whenever i feel like!! 🙂 🙂


Ha ha ha…’adois’ ante 😛

But sadly, once again love at first sight = only physical attraction. *sigh*

(…OMG! ur pet has fallen asleep, damn! cute it is.)

Btw, what triggered this unprovoked return?????


Yes, i too believe that love at first sight = physical attraction ONLY!! Love is what grows over a period of time!!

And don’t tell me that you irritated my pet again!!! 👿

I was thinking about a situation and realised that i have a story, I had to share with you guys… so here I am!!! 🙂 🙂


I would say an awesome comeback story 🙂

Loved the tight narrative 🙂


Thanks smita! This from a awesome book reviewer!! Boy… do i love your compliments!!! 😉 😀


WELCOME BACK!!! In 2nd inning

It was indeed pleasure to see u back

Once again, fabulous story….. typical of ‘sakhi’
Finished just in one breath…

PS: Reading from office (so, copied in word file to read right away, as couldn’t wait till evening)


“PS: Reading from office (so, copied in word file to read right away, as couldn’t wait till evening)”

Ah… gururaj, you made my day! 🙂 🙂


Hey Sakhi .. gr8 to c u bk 🙂
Its so so difficult to forgive oneself more than anything else… Sigh!


Absolutely swaram… very difficult to forgive oneself. I feel its really difficult to forgive anybody. At least i am finding it very difficult to forgive a few people however much i try to do it!! SIGH!


welcome back !!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀

bout the story… !!! sigh…. one mistake… and you can be away from your loved ones forever… 😦


Thanks hitchy!! 🙂 If he had stuck around prolly it would have been a different story, but Ashu will never know it!! 🙂


welcome back … 🙂

and nice story …. love is in the air … 😛


Of course love is in the air on my blog most of the times and this being a valentine month… it’s more so! 😉 😀 😀


What a comeback,Sakhi! It is wonderful to read you again 🙂
Will look forward to more 🙂


Gee… thanks buddy! 🙂 Will try to post as much as possible!


Glad you wrote this story and glad you came back! I will not take any brothers along when I decide to meet a girl 🙂


Good decision varun!! 😉 😀


Surprise Comeback but Welcome.

Keep Writing.


you usually don’t leave comments, Thanks buddy!! 🙂


filmy! But er..happens? 😛


Filmy??? Now vishu… these things happens and i have given it a decent ending. Life is more gruesome!! 🙂


Life does not give second chances at times… I guess. I like the originality which you bring to the narrative like when you say – “got startled and faced him with her usual smile”.

There would be some discomfort involved for the lady in question if the guy turns up. Don’t families grow out of such situations?


yeah, probably discomfort would be more for the guy to face her since he is stuck in that moment, probably the lady might have moved ahead with her life. who knows!!

And am glad you liked the narrative 🙂


Sakhi, Welcome back! 🙂 Great story as usual.

I was wishing for a cinematic ending. Something like when he returned, he learned that his SIL is no more.


Aren’t you glad that the ending was not more filmy??? 😉 😀

Thanks for having me back with such zeal! 🙂


Welcome back.

It is always nice to read your stories and this one was no different.

Good decision by Ashu. He has punished himself for 20 yrs. great!!


thanks rohit! but dont you think 20 years is too long a period to punish oneself?


Welcome back Sakhi..

Very nice story.. Yeah, its difficult to forgive and forget anyone..


i myself find it very difficult to forgive and forget… though i know it would be best for ME if i do so… but alas!!


Welcome back 🙂 I was delighted to see an update from you in my reader, otherwise it seemed, I became regular here and you disappeared 🙂

Loved the story… lots of suspense!! I feared the niece who is getting married was …err, see I have a very filmy imagination 🙂


you indeed have filmy imagination 🙂 why don’t you try writing a movie script 😉 😀 😀


Such a nice surprise to find a “laghukatha” in my reader. Really missed you and your stories-Please keep writing


Thanks HM.. try to write as much as possible. 🙂


Superb story Sakhi… very tightly wirtten.. 🙂 🙂

Welcome back to blog world 😀 😀


I am glad to be back too! 🙂


Natural and the story has a good flow too.

There are times when people do such silly things and get upset for those actions for their entire life, even though the people whom they offended might have forgotten the same long back. I really do not understand the concept of falling in love no matter what or how the other person is – its a very weak mentality, and the character has been well exploited by you in the story 🙂

Destination Infinity


🙂 thanks DI, thanks a bunch! 🙂

“I really do not understand the concept of falling in love no matter what or how the other person is …” 😯 now this is something i need to understand!! 😀 😀


chalo kam se kam ending to diya story ko 😀 welcome back!


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