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What happened to them?

Posted on: October 15, 2008

All the friends were meeting at a common joint with the family as they regularly did. As Ajay entered the room he heard Sarita’s laughter echoing in the hall. A wistful expression came over his face as he looked at Maya and silently compared their marriage to Akash and Sarita’s. Ajay noticed that this is the only place where Maya actually smiles… every time… without fail!


Akash saw the wistful expression and decided to talk to Ajay when the time is right.


And the right time came when other friends had not come for the swim. Today only Akash and Ajay had turned up for the “Bajarang Meet” (They called their swim routine a “Bajarang Meet” since they met without their spouses!!) Akash grabbed the opportunity to talk heart-to-heart with his best friend.


“What’s going on between you and Maya?”




“I have noticed, since a couple of months you guys have drifted a lot! Is my observation wrong?”


Ajay was taken aback a bit. He didn’t realize that it was obvious to others too!!


“Are you having affair or something?” Akash probed further. Or he feared worst, whether Maya was having an affair!! He couldn’t bring himself to ask that.


“No, no… Nothing of the sort. It just that…err… these days Maya…  Dekh yaar tu kisi se discuss to nahi karega na?”


Akash gave a hurt look and Ajay knew it was wrong to ask such things to his best friend. But this time the matter was his and Maya’s and somehow he felt guilty to discuss their personal matter, however trivial, with anybody else… even his best friend. But he needed to talk to somebody.


Yaar, these days Maya has gone really cold. I mean the warmth in here voice is missing. She doesn’t smile the way she used to. I saw her real smile after a long time when we had met you guys at party.


She does everything that she used to but some how I feel that her heart is not there.


Even at night… errr….you know what I mean. She has just shut herself. And I tried to think what have I done that might have offended her but couldn’t really think of anything!


“Hmmmm….. Have you tried talking to her? What does she say?


Kahaan yaar, I tried once but she said its nothing and then you know my schedule… Where do I really get time?”


“If you don’t get time, how do you manage to come here everyday? Akash’s voice rose a bit. But he checked himself in time. Though he knew his friend really well and also knew Maya.


Maya was a sensitive woman and needed love and care and that’s all she really needed. She had married Ajay when he was a “nobody”. She had stayed with him when nobody believed in him. She had stayed and cooked for him on a kerosene stove when they couldn’t afford a LPG cylinder. She had been with him through thick and thin.


He also remembered that Ajay used to run and hug his newly wedded wife at every opportunity. He used to share every single detail of his life with Maya. 


So went wrong?


As their conversation continued Akash realized that Ajay was getting too busy with life and was not able to give enough attention and time to his wife. Maya on other hand, being at home and looking after the family was feeling isolated. She had withered with time. She needed nurturing and only Ajay can do it.


Ajay listened to Akash’s reasoning and vowed to woo back his wife. He was missing her way too much.


Only time will tell whether he will be able to do it!


49 Responses to "What happened to them?"


Sakhi: LOL 🙂


Sab moh maya hai… I mean Ajay-Maya hai

Sakhi: Moh-maya!! wah wah… “a monk who sold his Nano??” 😉


Good atleast Ajay listened to Aakash’s comment and vowed to woe back…kool..(i liked this particular line..vowed to woe back 🙂 )

Sakhi: 🙂

Hope everythign will be okay.. 🙂

I guess lack of communication was the problem? may be Ajay could have talked to Maya in a different way, so that they could have resoved the issue, between them.

Sakhi: sometimes spouses take each other for granted…

Good to have friends like Aakash..

Sakhi: yeah… 🙂

and I thought of using Sarita as my lead in mext story I am writing…now I will change the name 🙂

Sakhi: hmmm… you are giving me a tough competition in story writing!! 😀 😛

And whoa… Bajarang Meet is a master piece…:) simply superb (there are talk of banning bajarang dal… hope they have kept this name ot thmeselve :P)

Sakhi: 😆 😀


an affair wud have been interesting.. 😀

Sakhi: Jhaada “balaji tele films” ki serials dekhna bandh kar… tera dimmag corrupt ho raha hai!! 😛 😛

well, it sometimes does happen dat u unknowingly ignore ppl u love n care for .. but u can always make up for it, n those ppl ALWAYS understand 🙂

He definitely WILL be able to do it , i’m sure ! 🙂

Sakhi: yeah we do take people who matter the most to us, for granted!!


Maybe there is another reason for Maya’s coldness?

Sakhi: could be!! But communication is the best way to solve or resolve any problem or hitch in a relationship… shutting yourself up will never help!


Ajay will do his best to win Maya’s heart again.. 🙂

sakhi: I wish he could.. sometimes we want to do a lot of things for our loved ones but daily hustle bustle don’t give a lot of liberty and the vow is conviniently forgotten!


Maya has a rock band which Ajay comes to know later. He brings all her old friends home to give a surprise on her birthday. Maya with her friends recreate the magic of their old band ‘LogiK’ . Maya gets so busy in life with her new friends. Ajay is glad that he could see Maya happy and still not spend enough time with her 😀

Sakhi: Loved this one!! Awesome…. 😀 😀


As Ajay said it maybe because of the schedule he was having. But after his talk with Akash he will think to spend some time with his family and bring back the smile out of their faces 🙂

Sakhi: As i said earlier to manasa, sometimes we want to do certain things but time doesn’t permit and then family goes on the backstage!!


I deleted this line from above comment..but I couldn’t resist it posting… devil’s mind… delete the comment if you feel…

Sakhi: I don’t delete any comment unless and untill requested by the author or it is spam!! 😛 😛

“Even at night… errr….you know what I mean. She has just shut herself.”

she shuts herself at night??? 😛 😛 Poor Mr that is what is worrying him most 😛

Sakhi: “Men”!!! kuchh aur sujataa hi nahi!! 😛 😛


I think All Maya needed was her loved one to spend some time with her focussing on what she likes. Nicely brought out story.

Sakhi: Thanks 🙂 🙂 and i think the same for Maya!


Hmmm…looks like thing’s will be all lovey-dovey! 🙂

sakhi: you are a die hard romantic like me!! 🙂


things* 😀

sakhi: understood!! 😀


Hmm if I was in Maya’s place I wouldnt have said nothing. I would have told my hubby right away what is bothering me!! I m very vocal 😛

Sakhi: Mee toooooo! Meee tooo! 🙂 😉


Communication is such a big thing in relationship and sometimes in our hurry to achieve things we start taking our relationships for granted.

We forget that it is talking & taking out time which matters.

sakhi: absolutely! 🙂

True to times story….do read “Gently Falls the Bakula” by Sudha Murthy…lovely book…

Sakhi: arey, yaar, you give such good recommnedations for the books and i don’t (read – can’t) read any of them… 😦 How i wish i could get sometime for them! But thanks anyways, i will keep in my to-read list .. shaayad kabhi time mile!!


@Sharad, Your second comment is not funny, can’t you see how touching the story is. Anyway, Have you seen that plan “Touch me not (Mimosa pudica)”. 😉

sakhi: oye… Maya ka mazak!!! even after you have become a mond and sold you nano, you think of all these..tsk…tsk… 😛 😛


Typo= Plant Plant Plant*

Sakhi: thik hai thik hai!! 🙂


Good one 🙂 Not have enough time for each other is the biggest problem today for couples in India. Raising economy has these kinds of side effects. I just want to recap the below lines which I felt worthy of mentioning:

Dekh yaar tu kisi se discuss to nahi karega na?”

Akash gave a hurt look and Ajay knew it was wrong to ask such things to his best friend. But this time the matter was his and Maya’s and somehow he felt guilty to discuss their personal matter, however trivial, with anybody else… even his best friend.

I feel one shudnt be guilty when it comes to a best friend..afterall, we have to trust him in our times of thick and thin.

Sakhi: hmmm… i think every one should have some BEST friend! It really makes a lots of difference. It takes loads off your heart! 🙂


Maya should have given him a good belan bashing! 🙂

Sakhi: hey, thats a good option!! never thought of that! 🙂 🙂


Also, they must throw the damned TV out.
Phir dekte hai koan kisse bath nahi karega

Sakhi: Sahi mein yaar… even in some homes i have noticed that the TV is on even when the guests have come and the host goes on seeing the programme.. as if the guests are unwanted! Imagine what would happen to the communications in the house!


Is this why people don’t need shrinks in India?

LOL @ Amit’s comment and I agree with Swaps too.

Sakhi: I agree to all three of you!! 🙂 Who needs shrinks when we have such good friends!! 🙂 Hail friendship!! 🙂


a light hearted post indeed 🙂
it actually brings out the story of the stained relationships as you climb up the ladder of success
the protagonist also longs for the comfort and love
hope maya gets what she wants 🙂

Sakhi: I hope so too! happens with so many couples these days due to busy schedule and active social life that they hardly get time for each other!


😦 once again my comment has invited un asked attentiion 😦

Sakhi: its okay, i guess!

Anshul the story is very touching indeed no second thoughts on that 🙂

I never thought my second comment was funny.. it was devil 😛

Sakhi: anshul can only answer to this!!


For a second I though Maya likes Akash. An affair would have been interesting 😀

Too many hindi movies and ekta kapoor soaps i guess 😀

Sakhi: Ganda dimmag!! 😀 😀 😛


Nice One !!

Time and Money that’s all every woman wants .. Just kidding guys ..

I respect woman as much as you do !! .. Ask my wife .. Ask my mother !!

Sakhi: Time and Money are needed by everybody… : and no need to advertise you respect for the opposite gender… its evident!! 🙂 😀 😛


Like all your other stories, this semi-fictional anecdote too hits the right spot. So realistic and plausible, Sakhi…

Sakhi: Thanks 🙂 Probably i have got very less imaginary power so i pick up the stories from around me!! 🙂


Love once asked friendship – “what work do u have when i’m here on earth”
Friendship replied – “To bring back happiness to those whom u left tears”


Now that Ajay realised what could potentially be wrong…I guess he would be able to do that!! Be Back 😀


Men are weird, aren’t they? 😀


@ Harsha

That was a good one!! 🙂

@ Sahaja

Shaayad!! 🙂

@ Niks

OH YES, You guys are really really really weird!! 😛 😛 😀


Keeping the conversation lively and happy is the key to success for all relationships ….


If he is planning to ‘woe’ back his wife, then things ain’t gonna improve 🙂


the usual case of life getting on to a relationship/marriage. mutual conversation is the only solution.

nicely written 🙂


I agree with amit’s comment 😛
nice story


@ Xylene

Yup 🙂

@ Avionic S

now there should not be any problem, he is going to “woo” her back!!

@ Adarsh and Arvind

Thanks 🙂


Nice story 🙂 But what is he planning to do? Would he hit the Gym for w new six pack or gift her a new diamond set ?

– Talkative (?!) Rahul

Sakhi: Not a bad idea!! but i think a new diamond set would be better!! (since the protagonist is a swimmer he is suppose to have good bod!! 😛 :P)


You have been tagged :

Sakhi: Thanks for the tag but will not be able to do the tag with such old photoes… i don’t have them (i know it sounds unbelievable, but its true!!)

Can i do the tag with a bit recent snaps??


I written my first short story. Like to have your comments on that.


its all about togetherness…!!



@ Kanagu

Am off to your blog… 🙂

@ Vinayak

🙂 Welcome to my blog!


hii ! how u been ? 🙂 sorry,gettin back to reading stuff after a long break …as usual feeling soothed after reading this story too !


Awwwww… am happy that you liked it.. was missing your comments! 🙂


“What happened to them” is a different question all together..but what happened to YOU??? Haven’t come up with a new post snce a long time!!


HappY DiwaLi

Where r u??????


Thanks for your comments 🙂
A very happy diwali wishes to you 🙂


@ Manoj

Diwali vacation pe hun!! 🙂 🙂

@ Rahul

Happy Diwali to you too!! ANd i am on Diwali vacation! 🙂 🙂

@ Kanagu

My pleasure! A very happy diwali to you! 🙂


Hey….I posted a comment here long time bck and was jst chckng when….boom…I cannot see my comment at all 😦

Sorry sakhi di…..nice story…kinda touching but actually a bit different…I hope their fate is bright 🙂


yup..go ahead wid ur recent snaps, but candid ones 😀 You dont check the reply for ur comments in other blogs, huh ?

now, do it soooon…im waitnggg 😉


sorry for being very late.

btw Happy diwali to you & your loved ones.

story: LOL 🙂

as usual great of sakhisssssss’

this is most common thing happening in between couple in today’s hectic life. (lack of time for family)

let me call my wife, otherwise????


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