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Posted on: April 20, 2009

fiction_stamp2“Thud…” He was thrown on the bed so hard, he wailed, more from the shock than pain, which irritated his mother even more. And he got a tight slap again. Suddenly the bell rang and he was spared from getting strangulated. He was all of three months then.


Though he never had the memories of those incidents of younger years, he distinctly remembered when he wanted to sleep with his parents once. He was of four years. His father would have loved to have him with them but the look on his mother’s face told him otherwise. But a child that he was he tried to pursue her to allow him.


“You better sleep down there; else you know what I can do when your father isn’t there!”


Oh, he knew it very well. He urinated that night again in his bed. Of course one more punishment was waiting for him for spoiling the bed. He was stripped of his clothes and was made to stand in the balcony facing the road!


He never understood why his mother behaved the way she did. His father was always nice to him. And he had noticed that mother was a different woman around him. But he was scared to tell any of these atrocities to his father since he was threatened with more dire consequences if he ever dared to do so.


But for him the scenario became a bit more pleasant when his sister came to his world. He was overjoyed to have a little bundle of love. But he was horrified when the little baby was also thrashed the way he was! It was a pure miracle that the brother-sister duo survived.


Their love for each other was like a silver lining of the black cloud.


“Chinky, I have lost my sweater today at school. I went and tried to find it but I don’t know where I lost it!” He was almost in tears and was scared to go home to face his mother.


“Kuchh nahi hoga bhaiya, don’t worry!” Chinky tried to pacify her brother, who was shaking like a dry leaf.


Miraculously their mother didn’t say a word about the sweater and they both breathed sigh of relief. But it was indeed a short lived one. The next day when he was tying a knot to his pajama, his mother came and tied it so tight that it was difficult for him to even breathe. He was left that way the whole day and when he couldn’t hold back he peed in his pajama! Thrice, since he was not allowed to change his pajama!


He was 11 years then.


He always wished that some relative should come and stay with them since that was the only time his mother didn’t met out the “punishments” to the duo. He never understood what irked his mother. Everybody in his family and extended family praised him for his behaviour and he was in good in studies too. He always tried to please his mother. Somehow he never succeeded.

But recently his anger was brewing, especially when he saw his sister also getting the brunt without any fault of her. Yet, he was courteous in his behaviour lest something irked his mother!


But today when he came from school he saw his sister standing in balcony, facing the road… without clothes!!! Something snapped inside him.


He rushed up and covered his sister! His mother came menacingly. She had forgotten that her son was now no longer a young boy whom she can intimidate physically. But she did not stop and tried to remove the blanket from her daughter. He couldn’t hold himself any longer.


“Thud…..” with all the anger brewing for all these years he hit his mother.


“Try touching her once more and you can be sure that you will not live to see a new day in your life.” The thunder in his voice conveyed the message loud and clear.


He hugged his sister and took her away with tears running down his face. Tears of what, he couldn’t understand!

43 Responses to "Mom"

Thud* Scream…!!* Splaaat!* – Mom fell off the balcony.

Mom dead, move ahead.


why would a mother ever do anything like that..? how could she..? at first i though it might have been the step mother (sorry for being stereotypical) but that was the only explanation to it but when the sister who was her own child treated in the same way.. the only explanationis is that the mother was not psychologicaly stable. she did have some problems about having and rearing children.

i know analysis takes the juice out of the story but needed some explanations for myself.

nice but sad..


I second Anshul…


Though it is hard to believe that such thigns can happen but the hard fact of life is that these things do happen and such people do exist!!!!

But is murdering off the mom a solution???Dunno!!!!

I wish our society was more supporting and matured so that people who suffer in situations like these could come out openly….


I guess some people are at their wits ends when it comes to punishing children. For the last few days, the news about the punishment meted out by teachers to young kids has been on our minds. This story is about mothers punishing their kids. Such instances, though not common place, do happen. You have subtly brought out his feelings for the younger sibling. His duty to protect her from what he had been suffering silently, finally gave him the courage he lacked all along!


Different story. Nice.

@Anshul lol 😀


Hard to be believe but sadly such people do exist….

I wouldn’t agree with the kid murdering his/ her mother off…

I just wish our society was open & mature enough to accept the hard reality only then kids suffering like this would come out in open….


I too was puzzled as to why any mother would behave like this unless ofcourse she was mentally unstable. But then surely someone should have found it out? You can’t hide these things. The Dad at least should have found out.


O Sakhi, you are sooo intelligent.
I know these things happen….it can traumatize people. It is a miracle that some still grow up to be normal human beings. Human psyche is impossible.

God be with those unfortunate children.


Sad story – and even sadder is the fact that this actually happens to so many children… And nobody outside might even get to know..


Was that a mother or some kind of heartless beast ? If I were that kid, I wouldve done what Anshul commented 😀 !!!


this can never happen…a mother can never ever do that to her child…noone can be so heartless unless she is a mental patient


mom was acting mad due to the effects of recession ???


Sad 😦 But there are such psycho parents aplenty.


The situation which you have portrayed is quite possible, but people near and dear should be able to understand the instincts of such people (be it mother, father or some relative of the child) and be brave enough to face the facts of the situation and take some corrective action. The silence of all the people around the situation is equally shocking!

Destination Infinity


Again a beautiful story but sad 😦
Read it yesterday and couldn’t sleep whole night thinking about that mom. How can a mom do this to her own children. She surely needs a doc 😀


I am more intrigued about where the inspiration of this story came from.

P.S: Hire Anshul as your sound engineer 😛


@All : All those who are confused about how could a mother do this to a child. please go and read – Sybil.
Its a true story and it will shock you beyond limits.

@Sakhi : Nice one. 🙂


I was hoping for some kind of explanation ( i guessed it to be a mental illness)


Touching story….. many psycho mothers does such stupid things… pity those kids…


Unbelievable… literally… many other above, I too feel that no MOM can be so cruel. I know that some moms do eat their own offsprings..but those moms are from animal kingdom.

I am wondering, what made u write the story Sakhi.


There was a post “I LOVE YOU” right? whatever happened to that??? Though I did open that in the morning, couldnt read and comment on it. Or was I dreaming ???


sheeesh…pls ignore the earlier comment ! I got blog mixed up!!! I will surely let you hit on my head for this if at al we meet some day !! 😀


I was feeling all touched and senti after reading the story, and then i saw Anshul’s comment! Awesome.

Sad story – why would a mother treat her children like that?

Anyway, good to see the kid standing up for himself and the sister.

I bet he didn’t get dinner that night.


With the child in such silent, prolonged pain, I wonder what was the dad up to !!



Such a terrible story 😦

But there are women affected by mental illness who are capable of doing it, even to their own children 😦


Mom dead, move ahead.
—- only happens in BOLYWOOD movie

The silence of all the people especially father around the situation is equally shocking!!!! and equally responsible for the situation.

whether we believe it or not, this is not uncommon in our society at all (talking about humankind only not animals)…..

bravo ……….. son ………. bravo…..


@sakhi (sorry yaar)

The silence of all the people especially father around the situation is equally shocking!!!! and equally responsible for the situation.

whether we believe it or not, this is not uncommon in our society at all (talking about humankind only not animals)…..

bravo ……….. son ………. bravo…..


@ james:

While its abhorable, I’m sure such treatment meted out to children is not “common” in our society. A psychopath in the garb
of a ‘mother’ is a dangerous but rare creature.

The message of this story (open ended at both ends ! : ) is taken though.

Good post that leaves one piqued.



Why would a mother behave this way? Was she a step mom or did she have some mental disorder ??? :-s


LOL @ Anshul

and i agree with Poonam about being intrigued about where the inspiration for this story comes from…

the only explanation for this cud probably be that the mother has some psychological problems. it is truly sad that the innocent kids had to bear the brunt of it… and have a dad totally oblivious to it…


Oh heavens Sakhi!!! Coming to your blog after soo many months!! And I come to find this cruel story 😦


*sniff! sniff!


I know people do such things…there are crazy parents around who should be jailed….the story seemed sop real …perhaps because this is a face of the society we live in…only we never get to know of these things…


Awww, that’s sad and touching!

You write very well!


*shudder* Very nicely conceived, Sakhi!

But the reason I dropped by – word is going around that someone here has a birthday 🙂 Happy birthday! And many more to come…!



One more instance of awesome story telling…

Such things happenning with step-mothers is not uncommon in our society, but really cant understand how a mother can do this to her own kids, if such things happen in real !!!


nice story..good to read stuff that does seems virtually unreal


i dont und why mother behaved that way??? something is seriously bothering her and i think it shud be known or found out!!

sad story but good ending!


I can understand if it were a father… But having a mother like this is the most horrible thing…


Dont understand why those things writte in this blog??

this can be a naked truth of someone’s life but I am not agree with this…

A mother never behave like this to her children…

nicely written but not acceptable. 🙂


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