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GOD, Why me!!!!

Posted on: March 2, 2009

fiction_stamp2Khyaati woke up with a start. She tried to get up but slumped down due to excruciating pain in her left leg and she was hurting all over too. She was disoriented and didn’t remember what happened and where was she. She tried to focus around her but couldn’t recognize her surroundings but could make out that it was some sort of a hospital. She just lied there and tried to remember something, anything but she couldn’t come up with anything. As if a part of her was erased from her life! A grumpy, middle aged woman came to her and gave some sort of a shot in the tube that was running in her right hand. She remembered that she was with Kenshuk on her honeymoon. But how did she come here? What happened to her and why was Kenshuk not with her? So many questions clouded her mind. She wanted to ask the nurse about herself; what had happened to her, how did they get her here? But she couldn’t form the words. She lay there and closed her eyes. She dozed off again.


She heard a lot of hushed voices and she tried to open her eyes. There she saw Kenshuk and tried to smile. There were worried lines on his face as he stood there listening to somebody who seemed to be a doctor in his white apparel. She tried to call him but she couldn’t talk. Her eyelids felt very heavy as if somebody had put a lot weight on them. She dozed off again.


She opened her eyes and saw Kenshuk sitting besides her reading something. Her mom and dad and in-laws were all there. She tried to look around but her neck hurt a lot. The room was different. Kenshuk saw her and was on his feet at once. He ran to call the doctor and within a moment the room was abuzz with a lot of activity.


She wanted to know a lot of things. But right now she was just pampered. The aches and pains were getting duller and she seemed to be her old self again. But she felt something amiss since she didn’t know what had happened or how the accident occurred. About two months were erased from her life when she was in coma and nobody was willing to fill in for her. Today she was to be discharged and was very happy to go home after so long. Once at home she pestered Kenshuk about the accident and why only she was affected. What happened? How come there were a lot of stitches around her private parts and also on her hands and legs. There were a lot of questions and now she needed the answers. Kenshuk finally snapped.

“You were raped!!”

Damn, he didn’t want to sound so rude. He had rehearsed it umpteenth time in his mind. The words didn’t sink in at first. Kenshuk covered the distance between them in a stride and held his wife with all the love and affection he had for her. He had thought of this moment and thought he was prepared for it. But he was wrong. He just held her as she broke down in his arms. Suddenly she felt a lot of emotions; anger, shame, furious rage, guilty and much more… with in a few minutes. She didn’t know what to feel and how was she going to face herself. Once she stopped crying Kenshuk told her how she was found in a dump at the side road from where she was taken to the local hospital and the rest was history. Her family had tried their level best, pulled the necessary strings and the case of rape was not lodged with the local police and they were able to get her to her hometown. She felt numb, didn’t know what to think, how to respond! She stayed there in Kenshuk’s arms for God only knows how long. She felt blessed for her husband and the family. The next morning was the worst. Everything started closing down on her. She couldn’t look in her mother-in-law’s eyes. Had she tried she would have found more love than ever. She couldn’t understand her own behaviour. She was also angry at her violator and her family too for letting him (or them) scot-free to ruin some one else’ life. She was angry with God too. She was angry with Kenshuk for being so understanding. She hated her being. She knew it wasn’t her fault but still she felt the way she felt!!!


She looked at her 7 year old and felt blessed. The horrid incidence is far behind her. She has come to terms with the life with lot of love from her family and a great psychiatric help. She still doesn’t trust people around her baby completely. But she tries, tries hard not to become paranoid. She has battled the demons in her own way and she has won most of them.

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Kung Fu.

Sakhi: Haa….Hoooo! 😛


Nice!! Good one, but definitely not one of your best… Very gripping! 🙂

Sakhi: Sigh!! 🙂

Oh, I like your pet a lot… But I think he hates me… He keeps looking in the opposite direction, and has never once smiled at me! 😀

Sakhi: you need to feed him with the click of your mouse then it will be your friend!! 😛


Nice and for once with an ending 🙂

Sakhi: hee… hee…


There are situations where you really can’t trust people around you. She was lucky to have such a supportive family. And thanks for writing a tragedy. On a slightly lighter note, I read somewhere that the job of a doctor is to amuse a patient, while nature cures the disease. Is it true 🙂 ?

Destination Infinity

Sakhi: I am not so good at writing tragedies but had to try!! 🙂 This one is a hypothetical situation, i really don’t know how many families would be THIS suportive!! 😦

As for “I read somewhere that the job of a doctor is to amuse a patient, while nature cures the disease. Is it true 🙂 ?” — It might be true, at least if you see the medical scenario in India, there has to be nature playing a major role!! 🙂


this was such a moving story…tragedy….love of loved ones and her own courage to overcome it all…
she was lucky to have such a supportive and understnading family…all families should ideally be just like this..society should be like this shouldnt it?

Thanks Sakhi.

Sakhi: Yeah, kash ki society itni tolerant ho females ke liye!!! KASH!This was a good read,an engrossing one..


A good short story but could have been more intense. 🙂

Just me view, keep blogging!!

Sakhi: Thanks for the criticism… Every writer need it!! 🙂


At least she wasn’t given a honour death like in some parts of the world.

Sakhi: This is a hypothetical situation.. In real life, i am not sure how many families will be this supportive or understanding. But there’s no harm to think for the best!!


Hey this is a good story. Kenshuk and Khyaati are made for each other. Their strengths for each other.

Sakhi: yeah 🙂 Thanks! 🙂


This was moving and in fact I found it difficult to read some parts! These kind of incidents are very disturbing. Well told!

Sakhi: Thanks Nita 🙂


nice one.. 🙂

i liked the ending. it is most difficult for the woman to accept herself as before.

Sakhi: sometimes i feel its more of a problem of the lady accepting herself rather than the family. Well, the society problem is always there but if the female in question is easy on her own self a lot many complications would ease. But i know its easier said then done.


I dont know if this is your best, but this is the best that I have read so far !!! Nicely narrated. Though there is noone for me to relate to, I could feel her anguish, her frustration, her pain, everything ! You deserve a round of applause for this. Clap ! Clap ! Clap! Clap !

Sakhi: Bow, Bow!! 🙂 🙂 Thanks


pain. love. life!

Sakhi: Three very profound words 🙂


How do you always come u with such weird names? 🙂

Sakhi: Kenshuk is a name of a flower 🙂 hee..hee.. and khyaati is not so wierd, or is it??? 😛 😛 😀 😀Brilliant story. Am glad she moved on and didn’t commit any hara-kiri. Any idea of writing how she battled her demons!?

Sakhi: As i write only short stories sometimes it becomes a constraint as i can’t elaborate more on the depth of the emotions. But will try sometime,i just hope you guys don’t get bored reading lengthy stuff!! 🙂


nice story Sakhi… a positive ending.. I liked it much… 🙂

Sakhi: I like positive ending myself!! 🙂 So, same pinch! 🙂


We need more stories where family supports the victims. I loved the positive part of the story. We must move on!

Sakhi: I believe in it too. But seriously i think, it is easier said then done! 😦 Really!
You are back with a bang! 🙂

sakhi: hee..hee.. 🙂


One of the best stories i have read in recent times and no it is not only about the treatment of story is is about the way you have chosen to handle the traumatic situation. I wish we all have such supportive family!

Sakhi: Thanks buddy! 🙂


Sakhi…nice one as usual!

Just a thought…Why don’t you come out of your comfort zone; the urban-life narratives? Please write something in a different locale, with characters with different dimensions…just was wondering how it would be

Sakhi: yeah harish, i think you are right about the comfort zone. I think i will try one of these days


Good poignant narrative to suit the story here. You are able to bring the mood into the situation. Do read my latest post about publishing a book, if you havent already – you could publish a compilation of your short stories shortly!

Sakhi: i read it long back. Should try it out. But i am still skeptical about my own work 🙂


It’s good that she was supported by her family. The culprits should have been punished! Too many scum beings commit such heinous crimes and get away scot free 😡

Sakhi: I completely agree, raj! But in India there are a lot of logistics and other things play a role and even police is not bothered about the crime 😡 where can we expect the justice and then the protagonist would have to go through another rape, a verbal one, to prove that she was actually raped!! 😦


Love will keep us all together. Hatred will not! Nice Story!

Sakhi: “Jay baba dinesh” 😛 😛


Di…..very touching….and the feelings are brought out very well….it was not being logical/practical but being oneself!!
Though Khyati had nothing fault on her side, she still feels bad/angry/guilty – thats very true and there is no logic behind it!

Sakhi: there’s all the logic in getting cross with one self when you can’t do that to the person who violated your personal space, physical ad mental! 😦


This is life…nice one….

Sakhi: SAdly yes!! 😦


that’s the question every victim asks Sakhi,
oh, Vishesh and Abhi are here, wonderful.

Not all are as lucky as Khyaati, both the names together sound pretty strange. Khyaati and Kenshuk sound like amplifier and speakers.

The incident is a permanent scar. Its a wound time does not heal Sakhi, however understanding and supportive the family may be.
But yours is a fiction, and this should be the right attitude.
Wish this was true in real cases.

and Thanks Sakhi.

Sakhi: “Khyaati and Kenshuk sound like amplifier and speakers” ROFL 😀 😀


wonderful wonderful story this. I remember the movie called GHAR where a similar theme was the base but the girl in question did not accept herself and so end was bad 😦 Sigh thats the problem with us the Indian women!

Sakhi: I have ssen the movie. Rekha has acted too well! 🙂


phew! what a story….i love ur stories….. plz get them published they are amazing 🙂

Sakhi: You really think so??? Thanks 🙂 i am almost tempted to go about it 🙂


Oops! Did not expect this would be her reason for being in coma!!! Well told! Apart from your good story telling skills, I must say that one can refer your blog for good Indian names 😀 True! The names you use are rare, but good! 🙂

Sakhi: hee..hee.. thanks 🙂


For me it ends a little fast but is is very moving. I really appreciate it.

Sakhi: thanks 🙂


Hey nice story… I like the fact that her husband was so understanding and loved her just the same even after whatever happened.. 🙂


shocking….. without being her, can’t say anything


r u sakhi??
not believing, story till end 😛 😛

@ biju
i also feel so…..


Now this one has an ending 🙂

Such is life.


hey…..i think i saw a dream of a new post in ur blog Di….till now i thought it was real and was searching…cud not find so decided it must be a flash of dream….by any chance, did u publish anyhing and delete it for ny correction?


nice kthaye………..looking like u had a kind interest in ……….the show .SUNO KAHANI……….in ur childhoood


@ Anu


@ Solilo

😆 Yes it does has an ending, i ws bombarded by so many for not having an end to my stories that i thought for a change i should change my tyle 😀 😀

@ Sahaja

Awwwwww.. you dreamt of my story??? WOW! What more a writer can ask for!!! I am overwhelmed!!! 🙂 🙂

And no i did not publish and delete anything! 🙂

@ Vibhuti

😆 I would still like to listen to stories if someone is willing to tell me!! 🙂


Hey!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀


Er, I mean, Heyyy!! 😀 😀 😀


Oh GOD niks, you have started yet another blog!!! 🙄 GOSH! 😀 😀


Well written one again….
But a Sad one again 😦


Hi sakhi,

nice story, but i really wonder that these kind of supportive husbands and in laws are in real wolrd too, or they exist just in fiction!!!
Anyways, I admire your stories 🙂


Sakhi di…….when I read this story I was so scared 😐
coz I didn’t see the familiar photo wer fiction is written on the top…..u missed it I guess

then I scrolled down to check the tags…….then I was relieved

this scares me……i n my frndz….we all study in a girls school….so this is actually scary

i wish every gal has such a family


a very gripping story. right from the beginning till the end.


Heyyy!! 😀 😀 😀

Hehe, yeah i did… It’s kinda fun! 😀


Just came to say………. yesss I am alive!! 😀


Did i tell you that you’re an amazing story teller !!!
things i loved about this one :
* the way the story progressed with time. it was like batting of an eyelid, of course, Khyaati’s.

* the description of Khyaati’s state of mind and being. i could feel it.

Great work !


you write really well… and this was a gripping story with a kind of utopian ending atleast in our

But as they say reality is stranger than fiction.

nice blog!!!


Gripping story!! But you know I hate tragedies. They make my heart beat faster than its required!! As usual, I wish no one have to get through incidents like this!!


(yes, I am reading your stories… 🙂 )


Hey…Nice story… These kind of stories sometimes disturbs but this is what happening now a days… Good one… 🙂


Hi Sakhi – I’m not much into fiction so my comments on your blog would be a monkey’s expert comments on a string of pearls!

But I must say that this is a very challenging topic you’ve chosen to write about and done it quite well. Keep up the good work!


May be cliche to some. But restores faith in humanity.


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